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The mass of this Urdu-speaking community lost the privileges of social living being the worst victims of political and historical developments in 1971 that downgraded their social, cultural and economic status from top to bottom level.Since its foundation, Al-Falah has been delivering health services in Geneva Camp through its project Al-Falah Model Clinic.More than 80 students attend the day time Hifz, evening, and weekend Islamic classes. With the Al Falah Islamic Center mobile App you can keep yourself up to date on upcoming events.By using the Al Falah Islamic Center mobile App you can get involved with loads of halal-social and religious activities being held on daily basis.The other significant project is Community Development Centre (CDC), which established Foundation schools and sponsorship program for the camp based Urdu-speaking poor male and female students to continue their education from pre-primary to Master Degree level. Under this project, community students are being trained on basic computer literacy.In addition to the above service delivery and development projects on health, education and skills, Al-Falah Bangladesh has also completed a few important research and studies works with support from UN Agencies and other international organization for collection of basic data in the context of social, economic and political status of the community.

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It is registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh.

Al Falah Tv Tai Video Tren Youtube - Taiyoutube.hazrat maulana shamsul hoqe joshory place of mahfil @ tanbazaar , narayanagnj, dhaka, date of ja;sah 17 01 2017 Al Falah Tv hajrat mawlana shamsul hoqe josory place tanbazar narayanganj dated 21 01 2017 Al Falah Tv maulana sadikur rahman al ajhary place moddhonogor fatulla narayanganj date of held mahfil 06 01 2017 Al Falah Tv assalamualaikum welcome to al falah tv!

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This is a non-political, non-religiaus, non-profit social welfare and development NGO.

Al-Falah Bangladesh is the only registered NGO in Bangladesh, which has pledged in its Constitution to work for the Urdu speaking Bangladeshi citizens to rehabilitate them socially and economically in the mainstream of the society by improving their quality of life and increasing their access to education, skill, health, economic opportunities and cultural activities.

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