Dating celestion greenbacks

I recently inherited a speaker cab, when i opened the back to see what kind of speakers it had, i found that it had what looked like to be celestion greenbacks.

Though the label on the back of each speaker wasnt on any of them.

These are the re-engineered Hendrix-style version of the G12M Greenbacks made for the new Jimi Hendrix Marshall JH100 Amplifier Stack and the new Marshall Vintage Modern Series amplifiers, both of which utilize the warm sounding KT66 power tubes as used by Jimi at Monterey and on many of his early recordings.

These needed to be broken in as they were only used for reference testing purposes in a pittsburg ks live web cam sound lab for several minutes.

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Sound Characteristics: Using a with the same KT66 power tubes and a Fulltone '69 Germanium Fuzz Face, these speakers sound very smooth, airy and very woody.

When compared to the Celestion Vintage speakers, they are nowhere near as aggressive in the mids or highs and very reminiscent of the G12H 70th Anniversary speaker but somewhat livelier, not as stiff or dark.

Literally EVERYTHING held constant in the rig and even the playing and it's amazing how different each cab, speaker, mic placement, can change things.

I think people dont realize what a large factor the microphone choice, placement, and speaker choice make on the recorded sound..

Here's a date code chart from Uncle Spot: still have to know what label is on the back and the way the Txxxx code appears to determine the era (65-73 pre rola greenback label, 73-75 rola celestion cream/gray/greenback, 76-80 blackback). etc.67646/Sadly, some of the pics are not still attached to that thread for some reason (archive goof, server failure, who knows), but most are.

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