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Knowing that, why string him along with false hopes that there may be more than a friendship in the future.If you want a relationship with a good "buddy" without the physical excitement, you have that. Sherry, I met a guy about a year ago who treats me the best I have ever been treated. I normally have amazing intuition and I truly feel he is not the one for me. Signed, Torn & Confused Dear Sis, I am happy you are honest with yourself but now you must have the courage to act on your honestly.

You might find yourself in a new and interesting relationship with someone you never thought you’d enjoy being with. If I had met the emotionally fulfilling guy first, I really think I would have been with him. He's not an ugly guy but for me there is no physical chemistry. Prior to meeting him, I was dealing with a guy with whom I had amazing chemistry on a level I didn't even know was possible.If you came from an average home filled with usual problems and your adult relationships weren’t filled with extreme emotions or really messy breakups, you can keep dating people you’re attracted to from the beginning.The point is that men and women who came from dysfunctional homes and then later had a drama-filled relationship or two get stuck following a dysfunctional blueprint, falling for romantic partners who are not good for them.

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