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Several of the first dinnerware patterns produced by the factory are still crafted and painted by hand, more than two centuries later.

Tradition, craftmanship and innovation have been united in a blend of old and new to make Royal Copenhagen one of the world’s most successful producers of fine dinnerware and collectable art.

However, for a short time in 1807 the English blockade of France made it impossible for the Danish factory to acquire the Kaolin.

Pieces made during this time were gray and mottled.

Since it was introduced in 1775 as the Royal Porcelain Manufactory, Danish porcelain with its blue-on-white decorations has never lost its appeal.

The blue fluted pattern has never stopped being made using floral variations.

Their Blue Fluted patterns are the epitome of fine porcelain and it has been given this name because the surface is fluted like a mussel shell.

The company extended production to include high style dinnerware and coffee sets.The company's Seagull dinnerware series became known as the "National Service of Denmark" in the 1950s when it was found in one tenth of all Danish households.In 1987 the company merged with its primary competitor, the Royal Porcelain Factory under the name Royal Copenhagen.The term that rules will always be what collectors recognize, especially when it comes to buying and selling.And in this case, people associate Royal Vienna with what they reference as the beehive mark.

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