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Delicious also allowed users to group links with similar topics together to form a "Stack", and include title and descriptions for the Stack page.

It is designed to be personal (single-user), fast and handy.The site can automatically import your links and tweets from a number of outside services. I also lurk on an IRC channel (#pinboard) on freenode. Send email to [email protected] what you did, what you expected to happen, and what happened instead. You can easily set up your account to keep everything private by default.Pinboard also offers an archive feature that will save a local copy of everything you bookmark in case the original page goes offline, and let you search all your bookmarks by their full text content. Please include which browser (and version) you saw the error in, if that applies. Please post feature suggestions to the Pinboard Google group, so that other users can comment. Occasionally I will turn feature requests down, but I try to at least provide a good rationale for it. You can choose how social or antisocial you want to be on Pinboard, up to and including setting up an anonymous account without telling me anything about yourself. You need to make sure your unread bookmarks are marked private as well.These feeds come in several formats - including RSS and JSON - and offer windows onto what's going on at Delicious that you can use in news readers, blogs, or your own third-party applications.RSS is a format used by many news sites and blogs to publish content on the web.

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