Validating software

So at the starting point of attempting to assess whether the system was in a validated state, it was not possible to identify all the user requirements and functionality that were included in the build and therefore confirm that these had been validated.

I don't have anybody to discuss the pros and cons with different frameworks, technologies, patterns, layering and so on with.

The other programmers either don't care or thinks "the old way" is fine, which it isn't because those applications are hard to maintain, not testable, etc.

Any thoughts on how I can find like-minded, get applications reviewed or...?

Open-Silicon prototyping solution provides customers with a one-stop-shop with reliable execution throughout the product design and manufacturing process.

The prototyping solutions are an executable, cost-effective representation of the system, which allows for: Click here for details – Virtual Prototyping Open-Silicon also offers emulation using hardware emulators. Embedded software expertise spans across specification analysis, architecture, prototyping, software development, integration and testing.

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